Locknut XH—type looseproof stopping nut using elastic material itself,based on the national standard nut shape,increase the anti loosening,and make the appropriate thread deformation,when the anti off parts and common standards.
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Floor covering
Beijing Xianhe production requirements of technical standard flame retardant elastic sheet flooring in strict accordance with the China railway company issued and other customers,in all kinds of pavement floor system bus,with wear....
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Rubber windshield
Rubber is a kind of railway psddenger car windshield mounted on the train passengers,as both ends of the railway passenger car from one compartment to another passage windshield. The structure is a rubber....In the buffer davice is provided...
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Product introduction
Alucork composite soundproof floor
Corecork is a lightweight plate made of renewable oak bark made by a special process.This corecork is lightweight and with excellent performance for sound & heat insulation.
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Dupont corian srone
Dupont Corian artificial stone plate produced by the United States Dupont Co,after processing mainly used for passenger cars and EMU toilet table,this product has been widely used in raiway passenger car chinese pan...
Du master bathroom products
Du rabbi is the wold’s leading sanitary equipment manufacturers,the products are widely widely used in pubic places,medical,hotels and other public transport facilities propagation environment using frequency.The product has the advantages of saving water,health...
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